Finalist in the International Artist Floral & Botanical Challenge

So honored to be one of the 13 Finalists in the International Artist Magazine Floral & Botanical Challenge.

This competition accepts submissions from artists from around the world. The 13 Finalists include artists from France, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and different parts of the United States.

My selected painting, “A Taste of Luxury”, is my latest creation and it has never been shown in an exhibit or anywhere else. I would say the oil paint is still fresh on the canvas. It is a large 40×30 painting with a myriad of flowers, two hummingbirds and a snail. The bouquet did not exist as depicted. It was just put together as a creative ensemble, products of imagination and feelings.

Page 14 of the October/November 2017 issue describes the inspiration and design strategy for this composition.

Thank you International Artist Magazine! Best magazine for artists!

IAM floral finalist 2017


An Artist Style is the reflection of the inner self

When judging art, I never judge the artwork by its style because the style is the reflection of the inner self of the artist.

Scan 14

Scan 13

A show to judge

I am honored to be the judge for this upcoming exhibition for the Richardson Civic Art Society.

This will be the 51st Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition open to Texas Artists. Last year I had the honor to be the Best of Show for the 50th Exhibition and this year the Society invited me to be their judge. Thank you!

The deadline to enter is February 28 and the prospectus can be found at:


Finalist in the International Artist Magazine

It was a real honor for my painting to be recognized as a Finalist in the International Artist Magazine Seascapes, Rivers & Lakes Competition. “Between Shadows and Light” is charged with an inside light emanating ¬†from the myriad reflections on the water.

Thank you!



Hundreds and hundreds of artists from around the world enter the International Artist magazine competitions; therefore, I am very pleased to have been selected one of the 13 award winners in this competition.



Best of Show Award

I am thrilled that my painting “Midday Mirror” received the Best of Show Award at the 50th Annual Regional Juried Art Exhibition showing at the Charles M. Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas.

I want to thank the event organizers from the Richardson Civic Art Society and the judge Michael Holter. It is an honor to receive this award and it is an even greater honor that Midday Mirror will be part of the Richardson Civic Art Society and the City of Richardson Art Collection to be displayed permanently at the Library Complex. It will also become the poster for next year event. Thank you! What a great honor!

bestofshow Richardson

“Midday Mirror” is part of my landscape series depicting reflections. Reflections are a common element in Hebe’s compositions, whether they are gracing a gleaming silver teapot in a still-life painting or a crystal clear lake in a landscape. My mission in depicting reflections is to engage viewers and cause them to question where the real object starts, where it ends, and what part of it is actually a reflection of something else. As the word goes… to reflect is to think deeply about something… it is the “to use or to exercise the mind or one’s power of reason in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments”. We reflect all through our lives!

FINDING INTEREST THROUGH SURFACES – Published by International Artist Magazine

The International Artist Magazine is without a doubt my favorite artist magazine. No wonder! It has been voted “The Best Artist Magazine in the World”. The bi-monthly magazine with international distribution shows the work of artists from around the world, their technique, workshops, and of course their beautiful art.

I am honored and humbled that an eight page article about my art has been published in the October/November 2015 issue of this truly international magazine with the unique opportunity to see my work exposed to a worldwide audience.

Thank you International Artist Magazine! It is a true amazing magazine.

Here is the article currently published in the October/November 2015 International Artist Magazine

IAM Article

IAM Article pages 3 and 4

IAM Article pages 5 and 6

IAM Article pages 7 and 8To see how to purchase the magazine or its distribution go to:

Tour Produced by David J. Wagner, L.L.C.
This great exhibit will tour for almost one year around galleries and museums in the United States.

It opened at the beautiful RW Norton Art Gallery in Shreveport, LA on May 19, 2015 and it will remain there until July 26,2015

It will then move to The Appleton Museum of Art in Ocala, Florida and to The Albany Museum of Art in Albany, Georgia.

My painting ‘Patriotic Bell’ is in this exhibit. If you have a chance, stop to see this fantastic exhibit of Contemporary Realism.

Part of The RW. Norton Art Gallery

IGOR_RWNAnd here is where my painting ‘Patriotic Bell’ is hanging. Great painting for the upcoming 4th of July

IGOR_RWN17‘Patriotic Bell’, oil 30×20

Patriotic BellTo purchase ‘Patriotic Bell’, please contact the gallery or send an email to