A Texas Landscape wins Honorable Mention

honorable mention squirrel

The landscape at a ranch in central Texas changes with the seasons and each season brings its unique beauty of colors, life, and desolation.

It was a winter afternoon with the Texas sun filtering through the bare branches of trees. Leaves were hard to find and the broken wood pieces buried themselves in the muddy shores of what one might call “the lake”. Fallen trees found their destiny only on their water reflection. The sound of  migratory birds could be heard periodically traversing the solitude of the clear blue sky. My eyes focused on the calm movement of the water where I could actually see the entire scenery without lifting my sight. It was then that the beauty of the short Texas winter with the glimmering promise of spring overtook me and encouraged me to paint the emotion felt.

Squirrel Bridge was the fruit of my walk through that central Texas ranch on that winter afternoon. That feeling of calm and beauty in the death of winter was portrait in the painting which won Honorable Mention in the 29th National Juried Show of the National Society of Artist, September 2013.

Squirrel Bridge by Hebe Brooks - Oil on canvas

Squirrel Bridge by Hebe Brooks – Oil on canvas

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