Finalist in the International Artist Floral & Botanical Challenge

So honored to be one of the 13 Finalists in the International Artist Magazine Floral & Botanical Challenge.

This competition accepts submissions from artists from around the world. The 13 Finalists include artists from France, Canada, United Kingdom, Switzerland and different parts of the United States.

My selected painting, “A Taste of Luxury”, is my latest creation and it has never been shown in an exhibit or anywhere else. I would say the oil paint is still fresh on the canvas. It is a large 40×30 painting with a myriad of flowers, two hummingbirds and a snail. The bouquet did not exist as depicted. It was just put together as a creative ensemble, products of imagination and feelings.

Page 14 of the October/November 2017 issue describes the inspiration and design strategy for this composition.

Thank you International Artist Magazine! Best magazine for artists!

IAM floral finalist 2017


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