It is always fun to attend the Grand Opening of exhibitions and when possible I make the effort to be there. Looking at the art is always a learning experience. It is a humbling experience confronted by the beautiful art produced by other artists but it is also a time of pride and joy at being selected to be part of an art show. Finally, winning an award is the epitome of the experience.

I want to share today the art exhibition experience, some old and some new:

At Hanna Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas with my paintings behind
A painting demonstration

The picture above shows my art at Hanna Art Gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas during an exhibition.

Here to the left is the result of a painting demonstration at the same gallery. The landscape is a park area where people go boating and bicycling. It was a cloudy day and the sky and trees were reflecting in the water. The water was clear. The stones could be easily seen creating a bottom of soft lines and colors through the transparency of water.

The color palette was limited to greens and ochres. The title is “Ripple Effect” and here is the finished version.

Ripple Effect

Nashville, Tennessee
Great fun at this Grand Opening of the Best of America Small Works where over 150 paintings were displayed. The artwork was great, Nashville is always a fun city and we had some great activities such as three painting demonstrations and a Plein Air event. See the next picture of the Plein Air. It was art fun!

Best of America Small Works Exhibition in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee: Another fun experience is to paint en Plein Air and this was in Nashville, Tennessee during the opening of the Best of America Small Works Exhibition in that city. The day was beautiful, not warm not cold, just the right temperature to be outside enjoying the scenery. I picked a spot in the shade overlooking a creek and spent the day painting. Quite relaxing and something to do during exhibition openings.

The Texas & Neighbors Regional Annual Art Exhibition at the Irving Art Center, Irving, Texas is one I always try to attend. Grand Opening is great and a flower arrangement mimicking the theme or colors of the art is placed next to some of the art making this exhibit something unique and worth attending.

In this photo to the right, my artwork “The Vine Walkway” won the 1st place in the oil painting category. The flower arrangement next to it was beautiful and quite a floral creation. This painting is available for sale.

I have been fortunate to be accepted in this exhibition several times and thus achieving the Signature Artist Status with this organization.

Look at the flower arrangement made for this other painting below. The Chocolate Rose Company creates these gorgeous flower arrangements. This one below is exquisite:

Red Silk, a 24×48 oil painting also recipient of an award at the Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition

This artwork is available for sale

Another artwork that exhibited at the Texas & Neighbors Regional Art Exhibition was “Fly Reflection” and it also won the First Place Award in the Oil Painting Category. Look at the flower arrangement placed next to the painting matching the colors and the composition. This 20×30 artwork has been sold.

“Fly Reflection actually sold at the 35th Hunting Art Prize in Houston, Texas. An extraordinary art exhibition that unfortunately does not show any longer. It was quite an honor to be accepted and to be part of this event. The venue, the art, the food, the flowers and the entire presentation was a truly amazing experience. Here below is just a peek at what it was.

The Hunting Exhibition of past years
Best Still Life Award at the International Guild of Realism Exhibition in Charleston, South Carolina

International Guild of Realism: One of my favorite annual exhibitions is the gallery show organized by the International Guild of Realism. The art is outstanding and it is quite an honor just to be accepted. I was thrilled to be the recipient of the Best Still Life Award in their exhibition in Charleston, South Carolina.

It was also a great experience to visit Charleston for the first time. Its history, architecture, multitude of art galleries, its location on the coast, the restaurants and even the horse carriage tours are all engraved in my memory. It was not only fun… it was an honor.

The painting is 20 x 30 inches and it has be shown in three different exhibitions winning awards in all three. It is one of my favorite paintings and one I love to still have in my collection. The diagonal play of light creates energy and the depiction of the silver with its reflections gives it a richness in the change of values.

5 PM Tea Time 20×30 oil painting

Another of my favorite paintings and still in my art collection is 5 pm Tea Time. A 20×30 oil painting that won a 3rd Place Award at the National Society of Artists exhibition in Texas, a 1st place award in oil paintings at the Texas & Neighbors Art Exhibition in Irving, Texas, and the People’s Choice Award at the Best of America Exhibition in Missouri.

A painting with a play of lights and darks puts the focus on the tea cup in the lower right side area. Reflections of the fabric, the flower and the tea cup can be seen in the silver which remains more subdued. In beautiful blues and grays with hard and soft edges that move around the canvas.

I love this artwork because it goes beyond what we see and it gave me room to break boundaries. It is not an abstract piece but it has abstract elements to it and it gives me freedom when painting. I titled it “Artist DNA” and there is a reason for that title. I felt it encompassed the two worlds in the mind of an artist: the real and the imaginative, the concrete and the creative. It won First Place at the Center for Contemporary Art Juried Exhibition in Abilene, Texas. This artwork has been SOLD.

I totally love this painting below

“Building a Home” is one of my favorite paintings. It was shown for the first time at the International Guild of Realism in Charleston, South Carolina in 2020 and it never came back from there. It was sold!

Building a Home
IGOR Exhibition at Principle Art Gallery

“Building a Home” even though the idea came from an actual flower arrangement, the leaves and flowers were changed to make a more pleasant composition. Under the green leaves two birds building a nest was painted. A diagonal line of flowers bring energy and move the eye through the canvas.

The artwork can be seen displaying at the Principle Art Gallery in Charleston during the opening. I hope the owners enjoy this painting as much as I did when creating it and painting it.

The Best of America Exhibits have been around for over 30 years and their openings showcase some of the best artwork in North America. I am honored my paintings have been accepted into these prestigious exhibitions and even more honored by several awards received. The picture above shows “Coffee in the Serengeti” recipient of the Best Still Life Award at the Best of America in Bolivar, Missouri. This painting was SOLD and it is now in the permanent art collection of the beautiful Dunnegan Gallery of Art.


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